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La Penninsula Condo Association, Naples, FL

La Penninsula Condo Association Naples, FL HOA was established on 01231985 and currently has an active HOA association with a board of directors. La Penninsula Condominium Association is located in in Naples, FL in Collier County. La Penninsula Condo Association provides detailed information about the HOA, including contact information for the HOA board members and property manager, HOA fees, maintenance requests, estoppel, complaints, HOA rules and regulations, documents, and amenities. You can ask the board members, or property manager questions using the “Ask the Property Manager or Board Members a Question” button. Please scroll down the page to see the current property manager and board of directors for La Penninsula Condo Association.

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La Penninsula Condo Association is a part of La Peninsula

General Info for La Penninsula Condo Association:


Also Known As Name: La Penninsula Condominium Association

Association Origination Date: 01231985

Association Federal ID Number: 650037298

Association Type: Residential Condo

Association County location: Collier

Association City location: Naples

Master Association: La Peninsula


Association Website:

Additional Website:

Additional Website:

Association Country Club Website:

Amenities: Pool, Hot Tub/Spa, Elevator, Gated, Tennis Courts

Additional Amenities: Docks, Gulf Views

Community/Condo Rating:

Board Members for La Penninsula Condominium Association:

TitleNameMailing AddressLocation
PresDenise Johnston815 Bald Eagle Dr, Marco Island, Fl, 34145
DireJohn Scott815 Bald Eagle Dr, Marco Island, Fl, 34145
VPVida Chenier815 Bald Eagle Dr, Marco Island, Fl, 34145

Property Manager Details for La Penninsula Condo Association:




Address: 2685 HORSESHOE DR S UNIT 215, NAPLES, FL 34104

Phone: 239-649-5526


Master Association is La Peninsula

Sub Associations
La Penninsula Condo Association
600 La Peninsula Condo Association
200 La Peninsula Condo Association
500 La Peninsula Condo Association
100 La Peninsula Condo Association
400 La Peninsula Condo Association
Twin Dolphins Condo Association 1

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